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About us

We’ll focus on making the most out of your properties so that you can focus on the other important things in your life.

Our goal is to ensure the success of your investments by taking over the tedious day to day property management tasks with our diligent team.

Our marketing program, alongside our dominant online presence in the property management marketplace, will increase traffic to your rental property.

Our experienced management team will ensure that all rental applicants are thoroughly screened by running credit reports, verifying their employment and previous rental history.

Our management services will give you peace of mind knowing that your properties and tenants are getting the prime care they need.

Why Work with Herridge Property Management?

  • Dedicated Marketing Services

We use several sources and social media sites to give your property the maximum online exposure possible. With us, your property is more likely to fill up quickly, avoiding extended vacancies that can cost you thousands.

  • Quick Communication

We’re always ready to take care of all management tasks and jump into action on your behalf. You won’t have to worry about spending hours reaching out to us as we respond to phone calls and emails quickly and on the same day.

  • California Tenant Law Experts

You won’t have to worry about understanding state law, housing ordinances, and insurance requirements that impact your property. Our property experts will keep you compliant.

  • Tenants Love Working with Us

We’ve worked with countless tenants in San Diego and have a rooted understanding of what it is they’re looking for. We work to make tenants happy to reduce turnover rates and increase your profits.

Meet the Team

Leo Herridge

Born and raised in La Jolla, Leo Herridge knows the ins and outs of all the streets and neighborhoods of San Diego County. Leo Herridge was mentored by one of the greatest Real Estate Brokers in San Diego, Charlie Blane of Blane Realty in Pacific Beach. Leo has taken over for Charlie Blane Realty and is now referred to as Herridge Real Estate and Property Management. Leo manages dozens of properties all over San Diego County. His clientele are property investors and owners of rare gems in the most desired neighborhoods. Leo Herridge creates great relationships with his clients and understands the true beauty of the properties he manages and sells. Leo has been a great agent to help renters find and purchase their first home.

Kate Herridge

Kate, is the operations manager of Herridge Property Management. She has been fulfilling her passion of flipping old outdated Pb rentals into beautiful units and creating community and unity in the area.

If you’re interested in property management in San Diego, give us a call today to learn how we can help you meet your goals!

Phone Number: (951) 364-4799
Email: herridge.mgmt@gmail.com

Phone Number:
(951) 364-4799

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